What is the wifi router radiation safe distance?

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In the olden days, your PC is the only gadget that requires internet access. At present, each of the devices you purchase can connect to the internet whether it is a Television, tablet, mobile device, or any other electronic gadget that has the feature to access the internet. Now a day’s homes are also has been designed with wifi surroundings therefore it is not surprising that almost every homeowner at least 1wifi router device in their home. These interconnected devices are the best applications of the latest technology but it is double-edged with EMF radiations emitted from the wifi router creates various health issues for you and to your dear ones.

Most people have not realized that exposure to this wifi radiation is severely hazardous at a close range so it best recommended being at the safe distance to protect you from the radiations. Therefore people and wifi router users must get to know about the risks associated with the wifi router radiations and must place the wifi router at the safe distance. Ultimately the safe distance of the router is determined by the power density of the device and with the help of identifying the wifi router radiation safe distance.

Calculating the wifi router radiation safe distance

wifi router radiation safe distance

With all these potential dangers of the wifi, radiation exposure makes sense that there should be a separate place for your home router at safe distance in order to minimize the health impacts that occurred due to the wifi radiations. But most people do not know what constitutes safe distance? In which as a beginning it is best to apply the physics inverse square law to determine the safe distance for placing the wifi router device. This physic law describes that the exposure of the magnitude from RF radiating or EMF sources is generally reduces in the proportion to the double your place from the wifi radiator source.

Conversely when you are close to the radiating source then in this situation the wifi will be having high magnitude exposure. For example, if your wifi router device offers transmission power of 30 (mW) in order to establish the wifi router radiation safe distance you need to check the relationship that exists between the distance starting from the density (power) and router.

Calculating the safe distance of wifi radiations using the EMF meter

In general, there are two ways to identify the safe distance of the wifi router one is by using the mathematical calculations you can identify the safe distance and another way is by using the EMF meter. If mathematical calculation did not provide you the strong suit then you can consider using the radiation detecting EMF meter device and measure the level of the wifi radiation that is emitted from the wifi router device at varying distances in order to calculate wireless router emf safe distance. The main rule of this emf safe distance calculation is to aim for the readings that measure between 3(mW/m2) and 6(mW/m2) where this is determined as the safe distance calculation for the people who have a wifi router in their home. In which the distance may vary based on the transmission power of the wifi router device that you have installed in your home.

If you are living in the neighborhood or apartment complex where the buildings are either close together or conjoined then you might be having the wifi radiations coming from all sides. You could also reposition your router device in long-distance by keeping them away from other members of your house in which the radiations can be stopped by building a wall right next to your house. In this kind of instance, you can also consider the best way of reducing the emf radiation exposure by measuring the levels of wifi radiations from all directions using the emf meter and you can set the wifi router at a safe distance place where the radiations will be of less.

Ways to test your wifi router device for the EMF radiations

  • By using the top-notch EMF radiation measuring device you can calculate the safe distance calculation points for the low radiation levels in your home. Generally, the home with a few wifi router devices usually has the reading below 3.
  • In spite of the derived wifi safe distance readings from different homerooms that include the housing where the wifi router is placed in which doing this will help you to know the safe place of your wi-fi router safe radiations reading.
  • Now keep your wifi device and take the safe reading while standing at the right in front of the device the reading can be up to 150 watts/cm2
  • Now take few footsteps backward then you will notice the emf safe reading gets decreased with increase its distance from the EMF radiations source continue this and keep on tracking the distance as the emf meter will guide you to the perfect place for wireless router emf safe distance
  • Upon reaching a lower of 350 mW/cm2 you will acquire a safe distance for placing the wifi router. When you go further distance beyond you can get an even safer distance.

By using the above tips you could find out the safe distance for placing your wifi router device which means that you can also place the router at the place where the device emits low radiation. MW/m2 measures the power of the emf radiation or power that is discharged. Most of the western countries use safe limits of emf exposure from wifi emf radiations and other sources at 100-350 mW/m2. However, in a country like the U.S, the safety limit is 1000 mW/m2 in which every emf radiation source can exceed the safety limit standards.

How can you block the wifi radiations?

When you get to know the safe distance where you want to be away from the radiation of the wifi router then it is time to set up the plate for protecting yourself and your family members from the wifi radiation exposure. But it is an essential thing to know the concepts of blocking the wifi for the emf protection. In which the entire wifi radiations include the Radiofrequency (RF) where blocking this is found to be a rare one but instead it can be attenuated. The term attenuation means a gradual loss in the force of radiation that penetrates through the material.

  1. Blocking the wifi radiation physically from the wifi router device – In this method there are two main ways in which you can physically block the wifi radiation that is discharged from your wifi router namely.
  • By utilizing the material that is a beast in nearly lowers down the gradual loss the wifi radiation can be blocked entirely
  • The second option is by using the Faraday cage whose requirement is to reduce the total amount of the wifi radiation that is being discharged during the wifi data signals transmission.

Moreover, if you want you can also use the emf radiation shielding material that in general attenuates up to 99% of the emf radiations from the router device. In which the best and simple idea to block the emf radiation physically is by using the radiation shielding material, You can make use of the radiation protection paint, and finally, you can use the wifi barriers physically where these three methods will block the emf radiations emitted by the wifi router physically.

  1. Protection guard Wifi router device – This is a portable handy device that mainly uses a similar principle to the Faraday cage and it blocks totally 95% emf radiations discharged from the wifi router device. Moreover, this router guard will be also lowered down the safe distance between you and the wifi router device. In which the main beauty of the device is it does not interfere with the wifi receptor that comes inside your home.
  2. Switch off your home wifi router device – The simple and easiest way of blocking wifi device radiation is to switch off the home router device when it is not in the use at least during the night time. So, that you can reduce your exposure to the emf radiation in which following are simple and easiest ways to switch off your router device.
  • Mechanical outlet timer is your friend
  • Set a timer on your wifi router
  • Switch to the wired internet
  1. Refrain from the signal boosters

Refrain from the signal boosters

Avoid the high-powered signal boosters and wifi routers, some provide the signals up to hundreds of feet where the strong signal provides more emf radiation exposure and it affects our health. Likewise, the signal boosters are created for expanding the network across your home area. But in general these emf radiations so it is advisable to minimize the wifi router device and coverage.

The effects of the wifi radiations on health due to the negligence of
wifi router radiation safe distance

The exposure of the emf radiation from the wifi router can contribute to the long list of adverse biological effects in the human body where following are some of the health issues which can be found in the human beings due to the emf radiations discharged from the wifi router device.

  • Brain development and health – The blood-brain barrier, thermal versus non-thermal effects, metabolism of glucose, digital dementia, and hyperactivity.
  • Brain cancer – This occurs due to the heavy use of cell phones.
  • Female reproduction – EMF has harmful effects on the female ovarian follicles.
  • Children’s brain development – The radiation can be absorbed more deeply into the children’s brain because of the thinner and softer skulls.
  • Sleep – Including the duration of sleep, falling asleep, and sleeping quality of every day.
  • Oxidative stress – The emf radiation disrupts the normal state of cells by undermining the body’s ability to counteract the damaging effects from things like free radicals.

The above health issues can be avoided just by placing the wifi router radiation safe distance when you determine the safe distance of getting rid of the wifi radiations then you can protect yourself from the harmful emf and radiofrequency radiations discharged from the wifi router device. So always ensure that before placing the wifi router you are finding the safe distance for placing your wifi router device just at the safe distance place as its harmful emf radiation dos not affect the health of the human beings.

In general most of the wifi router devices are capable of emitting the emf and radiofrequency radiations where these radiations can be blocked by using the physical blocking method which is the simple and easy method to do. In which you can also use the emf meter for identifying the safe distance for placing the wifi router device in order for you to be away from the harmful radiations. So try to make use of all necessary things which will help you to be free from these wifi router radiations and you can also enjoy the benefits of the wifi service from being at the safe distance. This is because the wifi router internet technology is a boom to the technology field where it is useful to almost all people of all over the globe.


Do most people have a doubt that is wifi a dangerous one or not? Yes, wifi is a dangerous one but now after knowing the safe distance, you can reduce wifi emf radiation exposure from the discharged from the wifi router. So, that you can protect yourself from the harmful radiation discharged by the router device. Even though there is an emf radiation discharge these router devices make the human lie more convenient one in this advanced technological world where we all live. Radiations discharged from the wifi router device is harmful to our health so installing the wifi router device in the wifi router radiation safe distance and by using the shielding materials and physical blocking methods can help you to get rid of from the wifi radiations like emf and radiofrequency(RF) which creates severe health issues to your body.

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