Know what types of pimples you have – its cause, treatment, and effective skincare?

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Types of Pimples: People who remain to be beauty conscious often get frustrated, when they see a bump in their faces. Some may even think it is quite a common thing faced by all, the fact is partially true where everyone faces the same skin issue but dealing with acne are really not a simple thing. Acnes, it may sound simple but it remains a great enemy for beauty lovers, this is mainly because acne spots make the skin get worse spoiling your clear textured skin to red bump with itchiness and pain. This is why acne spots are highly hated. By hearing all this stuff you might have now started to think deeply about what is acne? How do they occur? What can stop them? Is there any treatment for it and lots more questions arise in your mind. Just hold a break and continue further to know more about the acnes and how they make the skin worse along with a remedy.

How does acne develop in the skin?

When you are about to know about acne it is a vital thing to know about their cause and how they develop in the skin surface. The acnes are nothing but an infection or inflammation rise in the surface of the skin. To be more specific the entire human body is covered with human hair the follicle ends embedded within the skin is known as the sebaceous gland. When all dead skin cells rise from the follicle towards the opening area to fall but the sebaceous glands do produce natural body oil called sebum which takes the responsibility of keeping the skin cells without drying out. 

types of pimples

Thus all the dead skin cells in the sebaceous glad do stick and get trapped in the pores when the excess of sebum is built. However, the dead skin cells and the sebum mixed up to form a bacteria type known as Propionibacterium acnes which lives on the skin. Either they enter into the pores or infect clogged pores that would result in heading up of acne blemishes in the skin. This is how acne blemishes develop in your skin and make you feel worse thinking about your past clear, clean, and healthy skin.

What are the 4 types of acne?

Once your clear with the acne develop you would head to know about its types too right? If you check on to the acne types it mainly is of two major categories which further holds types such as, 

Non-inflammatory acne

Inflammatory acne

  • Papules
  • Pustules
  • Nodules
  • Cysts

Non-inflammatory acne and its types:

The non-inflammatory acne blemishes do not swell or cause any pain due to their presence too. The non-inflammatory acne types are mainly distinguished by open and closed clogged pores.

Black heads (open pores)

The blackheads are generally known as open comedones which occur in the neck, face, arm, shoulder, chest, and in back. They do come out with black colored heads when the blemishes push out this black color is not due to any dirt or infection it is just because of clogging of sebum oil gets oxidized in the skin surface and gives out the black-headed. These blackheads are caused when pores get clogged with dirt and excess of sebum oil build up.

White heads (closed pores)

The whiteheads are also formed by clogged pores with an excess of sebum oil and dirt traps, the only thing is here the pores remain closed with a thin skin layer which does give them a white head bump appearance that is within a red hole. That’s why whiteheads are commonly known as closed comedones, it usually appears in the nose, chin, back, and sometime in shoulders and neck. 

A non-inflammatory acne is a mild form of acne which lasts for a lesser time in the skin which does not cause any pain or scratches but they do not fail to leave back acne scars.

Inflammatory acne and its types:

Inflammatory acne is one which causes inflammation and swelling over the skin surface even here the acnes are caused due to the dead cells get clogged in dirt and sebum. In addition to these an active bacteria also plays a vital role in causing inflammatory acne. These acnes hold four types of pimples which are listed below:

  • Papules
  • Pustules
  • Nodules
  • Cysts

Acne Papules – It is an inflamed blemish that appears with red bumps on the skin they are developed when the bacteria enter into the hair follicle pores deep into the dermis. This causes rupture which in turn results in inflammation red bump. These acnes are moderate form which often appears in the neck, shoulder, chest, back, and bum but the majority occurs in the face. 

Acne Pustules – These pimples are another type of inflamed lesion that appears as large tender bumps with circular heads fills with white or yellow pus. They are developed when there is a rupture pore, the body sends a defending signal against the bacteria and sends white blood cells as defense action which creates pus. These pimple heads are moderate one which occurs on the face, chest, back, and shoulder.

Acne Nodules – These are large inflamed lesion that causes hard and painful feelings as they tend to be buried in the skin. The nodules pimples often occur in groups and remain with high sensitivity if you break out or pop of it may lead to a severe cause of huge development. These Nodules pimples are developed when a hair follicle ruptures deeper where the dermis is polluted with dirt, debris which contaminates other dermis too. These damages lead to swelling up as acne nodules on the skin surface. This severe form of acne often appears on the face, back and chest.

Acne Cysts – These types of pimples are the most severe and painful form of acne they appear as soft, large, and white or yellow fluid-filled white-headed bumps that rise from beneath the deeper skin surface. The cyst acne develops the same as the nodule pimple, here also cyst contains pus with blood which often leaves back acne scars when they pop out. This severe form of acne often occurs in the face, chest, neck, arms, underarms, and back. 

That’s it! On whole there are six types of pimples are available where four types make their presence serious which badly causes huge skin issues.

How do you know what type of acne you have?

Although you are clear with the types of acne and how it develops in the skin surface finding out what type of acne you have is quite challenging one. It is not only because acnes show more or less sever appearances which might confuse to decide which type are they. On the other hand, beyond these types of pimples, there are also cases where you get some additional acne conditions in such as it is better to check out its type first. 

Check whether it is Non-inflammatory or inflammatory types of acne which can be predicted with a factor of pain and appearance. If it is inflammatory acne they feel hard and give sever pain. In case if it is non-inflammatory the pain doesn’t happen. Checking out to appearance too, you can find the acne type whether it is a mild or severe form of acne. 

Beyond all these, it is better to consult a specialist for further proceed especially for severe acne it is wise to get consulted from a specialist as it is highly inflammatory and leaves back acne scars too. If not, and you are trying out any home remedies there are more chances for you to get suffered with,

  • Scratching
  • Itchiness 
  • Inflammation burning feel
  • Severe pain
  • Way out for new pimples

These entire issues make your skin condition worse to a higher extend, that’s why it is better to go with specialist consult and treatment to cure inflammation acnes.

Different causes of acne in the skin:

If you check on to the cause of acne in the skin there are lots of reasons available some may cause due to improper face wash and other reasons like,

  • Environmental factors
  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes
  • Hereditary Factors

Environmental factors: 

In environmental factors is nothing but during the daytime, the skin gets exposed to several pollutants that indulge dirt accumulation and also promotes excess sebum which in turn ends up in pimple heads. These acnes can generally get rid of when you do follow a regular skincare routine.


Acne not only developed due to pollutants and dirt it also has an internal connection with the mind and body. If you are in stress then your body releases hormones like cortisol and adrenaline due to this fluctuation in hormone your skin would release excess level of sebum oil. This excessive oil content in the skin leads to breakouts in pimples already present and also paves the way for new pimple heads to worsen the skin condition. If you do check on the acne rating due to stress it always is in higher especially in youngsters. In case if your skin is so sensitive to stress then make sure to have a healthy skincare routine to avoid the acne caused due to stress.

Hormonal changes:

Fluctuation in hormone levels does cause acne in the skin it is normally known as hormone acne. These acnes generally occur in teens when they do experience hormone imbalance which causes excess sebum in the skin. Women do experience often during the mensuration cycle, men do experience in teens which may get cured when they become adults.

Hereditary Factors:

Their chances of having hereditary acne too where if you are parents do struggle with acne skin condition there are more chances for you to get linked with acne. It is not a sort of genetic disease but it is linked with skin conditions and type.

What are the skin care routines you need to do?
types of pimples

If you are checking for the right treatment to get rid of skin acne then the first thing is you should maintain a proper skincare routine. When it said skincare routine some of you might think you are following the skincare routine but not resulted well. If such is the case then you are not followed the correct skincare routine. Check out below to know the right way of skin care routine to have effective results on acne.

The skincare routine starts with cleansing your skin which helps to remove all dirt and oil content in the skin which in turn avoids occurrences of different types of pimples. To proceed you can either use a cleanser that suits your skin or else you can use face wash too. If you are using the face wash then make sure to choose based on the skin type, in case, if you are having any types of pimples heads already then it is wise to choose face wash with the following ingredients.

  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • Salicylic acid
  • Sulfur
  • Resorcinol

These ingredients face wash does have effective results in preventing the skin from all types of acne when you follow these more than twice a day.

However when it comes to skincare for pre-present any types of pimples then the skincare gets differed based on its severe level.

Mild level:

If you do have mild level types of pimples or its signs i.e., non-inflammatory type of acne then you can wash the face with cool water and mild soap or face wash especially in the affected area. Do not scrub it just wash gently for 1 or 2 minutes and rinse it well, then wipe off with a compressed clean towel. And also do follow the below thing.

  • Does hair wash every day, if it sweats due to workout wash it right away?
  • Avoid popping out or squeezing the pimple heads, rather let them cure naturally.
  • Avoid oil-based lotion or cream especially sunscreen lotion and cream.
  • Try choosing water-based makeup.

All these help to remove and prevent mild acne.

Moderate and severe acne:

It is better to consult a dermatologist do follow their medication and treatments which would help you to have effective results over acne problems.

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