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Beauty remains to be a vital one for all people, as no one wants to show off their age signs to others. When it said beauty conscious or beauty stuff commonly there is a fact women show more interest. Although the fact is partially true it doesn’t mean that only women do have beauty conscious and do all beauty essential stuff to add some additional glowing to their look. Rather men’s do remain beauty conscious, some of you may wonder whether the fact is true. To your surprise, the fact is really happening in the present generation. In this modernized world, there is no limit for spas, beauty, or skincare centers all these are not only available for women but also men. If you do search for it you can find plenty of men’s spas and skincare centers do offer the best facial services for men. men’s facial treatment shocking right? Get to know more about them by continuing further.

Similar to women’s skin, the men’s skin is also showing the aging sign with the same wrinkles, fine lines, and acne spots. However, men’s facial treatment becomes common only during their wedding and other special occasions in their life. In this case, some people do care about their skin and maintain them clean and healthy and they opt for men’s facial treatment to have younger, healthier glowing skin which enhances the better look. 

men's facial treatment

What does a men’s facial consist of?

When it is said men’s facial there is a lot of doubt that arises in mind where the first one is whether men’s facial treatment is the same as women’s or it get different? It sounds a perfect question right. To make it clear you should know about men’s skin type and its facts. Generally, men’s skin produces more oil content as they have higher levels of testosterone when compared to women’s. When these oils don’t clean properly that may get clogged into pores which would lead to blackheads and prolong lead to pimples. On the other hand, men do have several inflammation burns such as razor cuts, pimple breaks, large pores, and so on. To clear all such skin issues men’s facial would be a great choice. 

It’s doesn’t stop with that along with these skin issues there is also a risk of getting skin damages due to ultra-violet radiation when they are exposed to Sunlight which causes huge damages to the skin. When it prolongs this would end up in skin pore with oil dirt clogs, this further worse your skin. So to improve skin and to get rid of all these skin issues men’s facial treatment remains to be the only better option. 

Different types of men’s facial treatment

As said before men’s facials slightly differ from women as their skin needs much maintenance. So if you decided to have men’s facial treatment there are different types of men’s facial treatment that are available based on your skin type and which are listed below?

  • Acne Facial
  • Anti-Aging Facial
  • Deep Cleansing Facial
  • Exfoliating Facial
  • Oxygen Facial

Acne Facial – In this facial treatment the acne spots are reduced beside it also helps to reduce inflammation and redness in the skin to re-balance them. In the prolonged regular treatment, it gets rid of all present and future breakouts in the skin.

Anti-Aging Facial – In this men’s facial treatment glycolic acid is used as a major ingredient that is infused with collagen serum along with hyaluronic acid that helps to regain the firmness of the skin. Besides, this facial treatment effectively reduces all your aging signs and appearance by getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Here, age doesn’t matter a lot if you are either 30 or 40 if you do continue this men’s facial treatment regularly it helps to keep freshness look in your skin. As this facial supple and smoothen the skin it provides you a younger look.

Deep Cleansing Facial – As said before men’s skin does have huge oil content in their skin where they required double or deep cleansing that what done in this treatment. The main benefit of having a deep cleansing men’s facial treatment they remove all toxins content in the skin along with excess oil, dead skin cells, dirt accumulated, and so on. As a result, you would be having healthy and boyish glowing skin.

Exfoliating facial – This facial is considered to be the vital one which has a huge effect when you follow them as your skincare routine. Here in the exfoliation process, all the dry and dead cells in the skin are removed completely. This helps a lot to increase the blood circulation which in turn results in you with healthy and glowing skin. It also helps you to get rid of all your skin problems. This facial can be more effective not only for the face but also for your body.

Oxygen facial – This facial is specially done when the oxygen level in your skin gets reduced which remains a major cause for winks, wrinkles, and fine lines. Here the facial regains the oxygen level in your skin and helps to restore your youthful appearance and make you feel awesome.

Silicone patches – This men’s facial treatment is really a most effective one where your face is covered with sio patches which are made from medical grade silicone. These silicone patches create a microclimate over the surface of the skin to enhance the moisture content and also improves the production of collagen in the skin. It results in you with smooth, fine, firm, and younger skin that too in overnight which makes a good vibe to your morning.

That’s how different types of men’s facial treatment is done for men’s skin although there are several treatments are done the main motto of all men’s facial treatment is to have clear, firm skin with a fresh and young look.

Should a man shave before a facial?

By knowing different types of men’s facial treatment and what they consist of? You may end with a common doubt whether you should shave before getting facial or not? This remains to be a big confusion with all men here is the best solution for this common problem. The main moto of the facial is to retain the oxygen and moisture content in the skin. The other factor is to get cure-all inflammation burns so it is better to get shaved before facial. But it also better to take into account to get shaved 2 to 3days or even one week before getting a facial. If it does you can have a better men’s facial treatment where you can cure all your burns and other skin problems. In case if do shaving an hour before facial then the hair pores remain open which makes the dirt, oils and other toxins to get clogged over them which may act as the starting point of a pimple. So if you are about to have men’s facial treatment make sure your shaving is done one or two days before getting attractive glowing skin.

A best effective way for skincare routine:

Once completing the facial you can never expect it would stay for a longer time as if with the same effect. As the skin undergoes several hits in nature where exhaust smoke, cigarette smoke, and other pollutants daily. It badly affects the skin and causes further skin issues to avoid all these skin problems and to retain the same men’s facial treatment glow it is necessary to maintain a proper skincare routine. Men’s skincare is similar to women where you are supposed to have moisturizer, toner, and sunscreen but beyond all those stuff cleansing the skin is an essential one. 

When it is said cleansing most of the men’s heart would jerk to its peak as men always expose their laziness in washing their faces. If it does happen here all your beauty conscious gets spoiled off, so to ensure better skin you should cleanse your skin and follow the skincare routine. Thinking what are they? Don’t be stressed about that just continue further 

Cleansing – The facial men’s skin care starts with cleansing your skin which removes and avoid whiteheads and blackheads along with acne spots. So make sure to have proper cleansing using a suitable cleanser. As the men’s facial treatment is with high oil content and dirt accumulation it is better to have a super cleanser which would result to perfect cleansing. In case if you are not comfortable using a cleanser or if your skin is not suited for cleanser usage it is better to use the best face wash for men that suits better to your skin.

Toning – Toners are also available for men’s skin care where your skin does have an even tone but while using them after cleansing your face make sure to use basic rose water to apply. This would help a lot to pat the toner in an even manner all over the face.

Moisturizer – Moisturizing cream is available for both men and women the main purpose of using a moisturizer is to retain the moisture content in the face and act as a protective barrier to the skin for a longer time. While choosing moisturizer it is better to go with a moisturizing cream that too with light formulated one which would give better results. However, it is well and good if you choose moisturizing cream with active ingredients of retinol and hydraulic acid this enhances your skin with high moisture content and makes sure to retain them for a quite long time especially during the daytime.

Sunscreen – This is often ignored by men as they tend it is no use but if you have taken men’s facial treatment and avoid routines there are huge chances for the skin to get affected by UV radiation emitted from the sun. This prolongs can damage the skin with large pores, acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and a lot more skin issues. So once you apply toner make a way to apply sunscreen too if it fails it may spoil the texture and color of your skin. 

Thus, when you follow the above-mentioned men’s skin care routine you can enjoy having healthy skin with the same glowing attractive look.

Tips to maintain your skin retain a younger look.

men's facial treatment

In many cases, if you have taken facial treatment and do have a proper men’s skincare routine even then you might experience some rise of blackheads or fine lines or acne spots. It doesn’t mean that you are not having a proper or regular skincare routine. Rather there are some mistakes either in choosing a product or in using way so, to help you out here are some tips listed below which helps you to maintain and retain a younger look after the men’s facial treatment and check below for more details.

Tip 1 – Even though you are following a regular facial routine make a habit of frequent face wash using the best face wash for men. This helps you to clean all dirt and oil content in the face. 

Tip 2 – While choosing face wash make sure to go for the best one that’s suits your skin better without causing any further issues like skin dryness, skin itchiness, irritation, and lit more. So be selective to choose the best face wash for men that suitable for your skin.

Tip 3 – Try to make exfoliation daily just by scrubbing your skin this helps a lot to remove all dead skin cells, pores, dirt pores, oils and also soften hair follicles. On continuous exfoliation, it makes the skin smooth and softer.

Tip 4 – The skin around the eye areas have lots of sweats and oil glands where the chance of getting wrinkles are high. It is mainly because dehydration in the under-eye area, so you can better try using men’s eye cream and pad eventually around your eye space. This enriches the eye area with hydration and avoids wrinkles and fine lines.

Tip 5 – During night time you can try using lip balms with high SPF during the day, which would hydrate and nourish the lips.

So, do follow all the above tips to maintain nourishing, hydrated, glowing, younger skin, and enjoy your teenage again!

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