Detailed answer for every common man’s question – Is depression a disability?

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Is Depression A Disability: Do you feel sad and do you think you are losing your weight or else can’t understand why you are losing your energy rapidly, did you ever notice you are not interested or you do not get any pleasure in all such activities which you have enjoyed before? Yes, the reason for all these sudden changes in your behavior is you are depressed. Depression is a very common and also very serious medical issue that is being faced by many human beings in this world. All the above said are some of the common symptoms which a person acquires when he is depressed. Depression has to be treated at the earliest stage itself and when it does not take care of by an individual it will push him to severe medical illness. Recent researches have given a report that this disorder is affecting 1 human in 15 humans each and every year. It is obvious that every human being will face depression at any stage in his life. Also, medical reports say women attend more issues facing this disorder than men. Doctors in America say that this kind of mental issue simply called depression is said to be a disability called a psychiatric disability.

But many humans fail to understand this fact and they fail to take action towards this illness. This will push a man to the critical stage in which he will be totally out of control by himself. You need to take immediate action towards the affected human in order to avoid such critical depression stages in their life. Many humans might have a common question which is that “Is depression a disability or not” and now following the words of American scientists we can come to the conclusion that this depression is really a Severe and psychiatric disability. So the thing is each and every human has to understand that depression and disability can be connected at a stage when depression increases rapidly and when it reaches an uncontrollable stage in a human being.

is depression a disability

Many human beings may not understand how depression is related to a disability in humans and all people will have a common question which is that “can you get disability for depression”. So, this article is created with the hope to insist each and every human being about the severeness of this disorder, types of depression faced in common and to make all understand depression can push a human to acquire conditions of disability.

Three major types of depression

Before going to our in-depth topic “Is depression a disability?” we can read now about the major types of depression in detail. Here are those three important types of depression.

The first type – Major depressive disorder

In DSM this major depressive disorder is listed as the first type. Symptoms seen when a person acquires this type of disorder are as follows:

  1. Guilty feelings
  2. Feelings of being worthless
  3. Sudden changes in routine appetite
  4. Sleeplessness
  5. Thoughts to attempt suicide
  6. Associated conditions

With these symptoms people are being categorized under this type of depressive disorder.

Second type – Dysthymia

The next type of depression which is seen commonly all around the world is this dysthymia and it is a disorder based on the changes in a person’s personal mood. The symptoms of this disorder are actually the same as the previous one but it will be somewhat mild than the type mentioned above. Experts say this type of disorder will affect a man at least a single time twice a year.

Third type – Manic depression

This third type of depression is classified as manic depression and it is also called bipolar disorder. In this type of depression symptoms are found to be really different than that of the other two types. Here are a few of the symptoms experienced through this type of disorder.

  1. Lack of sleep: people feel sleepless and even after taking sleeping pills some may struggle to sleep peacefully.
  2. Over talkativeness: This is also considered as a symptom when a person attains this type of depressive disorder. They will start talking too much than the normal time period and this makes others to notice the changes in that particular person.
  3. Thoughts to racing constantly: This is the next symptom seen commonly in this type of depressive disorder. The person who is affected by this disorder will often think about racing and this may sometimes make severe issues in life.
  4. Risky behaviors: People with this type will sometimes acquire risky behaviors like sexual misbehavior, overuse of dangerous drugs, and abnormal usage of alcohol.
  5. Other symptoms: Other symptoms can be like a sense of attaining self-esteemed conditions, and irritability sensations.

These are a few symptoms that can be recognized by the people who acquire manic depression in life.

Finally, these are the three important types of depression that most commonly people face in the current scenario. Hopefully, readers who are reading this article may now feel clear with the major types of depression and now let us proceed with our topic of depression and disability in detail to get the answer to the question “Is depression a disability?”

is depression a disability?

Yes, depression will definitely cause disability when a person steps into the severe stage of depression and so it can be classified as a disability. Physical disorders not only cause disability but a mental disorder also because disability and such disabilities are worst than the disabilities which a human acquire physically. A person’s day to day routine will utterly get spoiled when he is depressed. In other words, experts say that when depression is pushed to the treatment-resistant stage then it is automatically considered a disability. In many cases, people who are having disabilities physically will be more active and they work hard for getting their own disability. There are people who have achieved a lot even with their severe disabilities but people with mental disabilities will surely face many failures in their life. This will, in turn, create more depression and there are many humans who have even lost their life at this hectic stage in their life. Finally, a person who notices himself that he is depressed should take immediate action to solve it in the mild stage itself.

What mental illness is considered a disability?

We have discussed more the question “Is depression is a disability?” by linking depression and disability in the above paragraph and now we shall make an in-depth view about mental illness and disability. Depression is actually not a disability but obviously, it is a disability that is invisible. This kind of disability can be identified only when a person is kept under constant observation of a doctor. Psychiatrists say depression is really curable at the earlier stage by following regular medications properly. Talk therapy will be the most common starting stage of treatment and when the illness reaches the disabled stage, the patient will be put to continuous observation.

So a person who is depressed a lot must simply understand his own stage and without hesitation, he must approach a doctor to get cured quickly and finely.

Other common treatments for depression “Is Depression A Disability”

Here in this paragraph, we shall discuss the treatments which are being generally followed to treat the disorder. As we have already seen in the talk therapy treatment, the next common treatment to treat the disorder will be counseling. More or less both talk therapy and counseling can be interpreted as the same but based on the patient’s stage doctors handle the treatment. Some doctors say counseling as psychotherapy and with that therapy doctors will first analyze both the personal and external factors which will be helpful to determine the cause for depression. After that doctors try to change the entire attitude slowly.  This is not that too easy and it may take more time period or less and it is entirely based on the state of the person.

Antidepressant medications for depressed people

It is a type of medication that does not make use of any kind of happy pills and tranquilizers. This treatment never makes the person lose his reality but this treatment help to restore the chemical balance in the human mind. When a human is depressed his chemical balance in mind will be damaged totally. So just to alter the chemical balance in mind this medication will help greatly. Experts say the combination of both talk therapy and antidepressant medication will be helped greatly and it helps to solve the case easily. Reports say that people who have been treated with these two important steps got cured very easily. There are also so many aggressive treatments than these mild treatments. So it is a must be approaching by a doctor to treat depression thoroughly.

is depression a disability 1

Things to be done to solve depression by ourselves

Of course, there are few ideas to solve this mental disability at the earlier stage and it can be adopted by a person when he realizes he is depressed. At first, the person must stop asking the question himself which is “Is depression a disability?” The very next step to be done is to analyze the reason for depression. Even though it is not an easy task people can get the answer when they have an in-depth analysis by looking up into the previous days in life.

Some may get the real fact for depression and some may not acquire the real reason. But it is not a problem and the person can proceed with the next step to solve the depressed mood. He can talk with his own lovable one opening his hearty opinions, he can stop out all his work and he can move out for a trip with the most lovable person in his life, he can walk up to his parents to share all grievances happened and some may interested in certain things very deeply. Finding out such activities and performing that constantly will sometimes push the person to an enthusiastic form. These are simple steps that can be followed by everyone. But if a person did not get any solution with these simple activities he can proceed with the official step which is consulting a doctor.

Financial assistance program for people who are unable to work

There is an association that has been formed especially for those who are depressed and for the people who feel they can’t work because of depression. It is named ADA (Anxiety and depression association of America) and it is the association that helps to give financial assistance to the people who are really depressed. Under ADA there are several divisions like SSA, SSDI, and SSI, and so on. All these branches of ADA act bravely to resolve human’s struggle loyally. A person who is suffering from depression and who cannot concentrate on his job naturally can approach this association to apply for financial assistance. The person may either apply in his own local office or he can also approach the head team if he is been qualified with the criteria of disability. By attaining the benefits of this association a person can easily come up with both medical and financial aids quickly. Hence people facing this sought of mental disorder can easily come out by following all the current schemes and medications.

Conclusion After reading the whole article, some or many may be now clear with their question “Is depression a disability?” Now everyone must understand that depression is not an untreatable disease. It can be treated at any time in life but the important thing is when it is recognized at the earlier stage it is sure depression will not become an issue in one’s life. So, all people who are depressed and all people who see persons who are depressed must help each other to overcome this simple but serious disorder as soon as possible by following all the simple techniques and also humans must understand depression is very common in human’s life and it is not a disorder affecting the particular group. Just to be away from this disorder an individual has to plan bravely to follow up on his routine life and all humans must have positive nature in all situations faced in human life.

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