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Wireless network devices nowadays make use of several authentication techniques include, including but not limited to the WPA, WEP, WPA + TKIP, WPA + TKIP/AES, and WPA2 + AES. It is the right time to decide on how to hack wifi password and make a well-informed decision about how to securely access the wireless network. There are different methods to access the WiFi without a password. The following details explain such methods.

The wireless network can be used to connect the device without using any wires. You require a device with the wireless-network enabled within the transmission radius of the wireless network access point that is the WiFi router and password when the network is password protected.

Understand the basics of the how to hack wifi password

Wireless attacks are rising at the highest possible pace because of the increasing usage of the wireless network. WiFi networks are usually vulnerable to hacking because wireless signals can be chosen and exploited anywhere by anyone. Wireless hacking is an attack on the wireless network or access points designed to provide confidential information like the WiFi passwords, admin portal access, authentication attacks, and other similar categories of data. This attack is mainly performed to gain unauthorized access to any private wireless network.  You have to keep in mind that any attack on the wireless access point or network which provides substantial information is known as wireless hacking.

It is a suitable time to understand the overall protocols involved in the wireless networks and enhance your expertise in wireless hacking. In general, wireless network attacks are usually made on the protocol stack’s internal steps. You can understand the standards for wireless networks when you explore the IEEE 802.11 specifications. Wired Equivalent Privacy known as the WEP is a depreciated algorithm as different vulnerabilities identified and can be cracked without any difficulty.

how to hack wifi password

Windows Commands

All users of the Windows computer can use the appropriate Windows commands and get the key to access the wireless network. However, they must recover the Wi-Fi network password when they have previously attacked such WiFi. This approach is the same as if you have forgotten a previously used password in other security systems such as email. In general, Windows operating systems like Windows 8 and Windows 10 make a profile of all WiFi networks to which users attach.  If you do not explicitly tell your computer to forget the network and password, then your computer can recover the password.

You have to access the Windows Command Prompt with some administrative privileges. You can choose the option “Run as administrator” and get access to a list of lines with a > at the end. You will get instant access to User Profiles that are all the WiFi networks you have accessed before and saved.    You can type net WLAN show profile name=” your network name” key=clear. You can access the new section of data. Now, look for “Key Content” under the Security Settings. This word is the WiFi password you are missing.   All users of the macOS can open up the Spotlight by using the Cmd+Space and type terminal for accessing the Mac equivalent of the command prompt. Now, they can type the security find-generic-password –was “your network name”. This easy method to hack the WiFi password is very helpful to all beginners to Wi-Fi network hacking.

Easy-to-understand guidelines for hacking the WiFi password

Many men and women search for how to hack wifi password step by step at this time. They have decided to research everything about wireless attacking techniques in a professional way at this time. They can focus on the basics and modern aspects of the WEP cracking technique, WPA/WPA2 cracking technique, and WPS cracking in detail right now. The WEP cracking method uses the 40-bit key with 8 characters long.

Breaking this key must not take over a couple of minutes after enough data packets are successfully captured. The WAP/WPA2 cracking method works well when the device has a wireless password stored by default. Attackers of wireless networks take advantage of this situation and forcefully de-authenticate all the devices on the wireless network. These devices try to auto-connect to the access point by properly complete the 4-way handshake which is properly recorded and also has the hashed password and the rainbow table is used to brute-force it.

WPS cracking technology makes use of the 8 digit pin for connecting with the wireless router. If you use brute force the 8 digit pin, then you can get complete access to the router. You can increase the overall speed of this wireless network attack by using one of the most successful optimization techniques and crack the key within a short time.

Research the wireless hacking tools

The wireless hacking tool is the software specifically designed for hacking the wireless network by exploiting susceptibilities in the WiFi systems or leveraging the dictionary attacks for cracking the WEP/WPA.  Do not forget that gaining unauthorized access or hacking the wireless network is illegal.

Advancements in wireless hacking tools give an array of benefits for all users who are very conscious about how to hack wifi password almost immediately. These tools use different hacking methods for the purpose of successfully cracking WiFi networks. Some of these hacking methods are dictionary attacks, side jacking, evil twin, man-in-the-middle attacks, and encryption. You can read honest reviews of the top WiFi hacking tools one after another and get an overview of the main benefits and drawbacks of these tools in detail as expected.

Reset the router


You can try log into the router before doing a full router reset to get on the wireless. This is because you can easily reset the WiFi password which you have forgotten. You may think about what happens when you do not aware of the router’s password. This approach for hacking the WiFi password is not possible in such a situation. Resetting the router works when you have access to it. This access could be the physical Ethernet cable or over the wireless network.

Easy-to-follow guidelines on the subject of how to hack wifi password nowadays attract almost everyone and encourage them to follow and recommend such guidelines. There is a recessed reset button in almost every router. You can push it with an unfolded paperclip or pen and hold it for at least 10 seconds. Now, the router will successfully reset to the factory settings.

You may get the router from the Internet Service Provider. You have to check the label on the unit before resetting such a router. This is because some ISPs have printed the WiFi key and router details right on the hardware. You require another password after the router is reset. You can do it with the computer attached to the router by using the Ethernet cable.

Wireless Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

WEP is a security algorithm designed for the IEEE 802.  The main purpose of this algorithm is to overcome the data confidentiality related issues on the whole with the usual wired connection. This technology is very helpful in terms of better data protection by properly encrypting data transmission and avoiding eavesdropping. WEP authentication works using the two methods.

The first method is open system authentication which helps everyone to gain access to any WEP network and receive unencrypted files. The second method is shared key authentication. This method lets a computer equipped with the wireless modem for the purpose of gaining the entire access to any WEP network and exchanging the encrypted and unencrypted data.

WiFi Protected Access (WPA)   

WPA is designed to overcome the weaknesses of the WEP and the security standard for all computing devices with WiFi access. It encrypts data on 802.11 WLANs. It uses 48-bits rather than 24-bits used by the WEP. However, it is affected by a DDoS attack.

Be aware of other attack types

how to hack wifi password

Man in the middle attack is about intercepting the communication between the two individuals to steal data. Denial of service can be done when you overwhelm the network with traffic and let the system cannot fulfill any request and leave the entire system unusable. The sniffing method involves intercepting data packets when they are transmitted over a network.

There are other attacks designed to compromise the computer network security in both types of hacking. You can spend enough time to understand such attacks and improve your level of expertise to hack into a network. This is worthwhile to become skilled at the cybersecurity and get an overview about how to hack wifi password step by step with no difficulty and delay.

Regular updates of extraordinary features of the wireless hacking tools available in the market in our time attract almost everyone and encourage them to find and use one of these tools. You can contact and consult with specialists in professional techniques successful resources to hack WiFi password almost immediately. You will be amazed by the different methods recommended for immediately hacking the password of the wireless network and encouraged to use one of these methods based on your requirements.

Keep up-to-date with the tools for hacking the wireless networks

Many people misunderstand that wireless hacking tools are only designed for wireless network hackers. They have to understand that these tools are used by programmers working on the wireless network-based projects and the WiFi administrators. They can explore and use the exclusive facilities after an in-depth analysis of how such facilities to aid in the process of hacking the wireless network.

Smart and successful security professionals or wireless hackers these days have some of the best wireless hacking tools in their arsenal readily available for immediate analysis. These tools perform the brute force for cracking the keys. All users of the wireless hacking tools must make certain that they have the recent update of the master key dump and create a personalized list from their experience.

WiFi hackers worldwide in our time have a personalized list successfully prepared by collecting the complete lists. They learn the latest trends in this sector and use every chance to be successful in this competitive sector day after day. They invest in and use different resources for enhancing their quality of services to clients.

Different WiFi hacking techniques

Everyone with an interest to gain enough knowledge of WiFi hacking nowadays can get in touch with the official websites of companies specialized in the wireless network hacking methods. They can find and ensure how to hack wifi password with no difficulty and delay in any aspect. They can start their journey for hacking the WiFi password soon after they have the complete details and resources to do it. Anyone within the transmission radius of the router can access the wireless network. You can focus on how to exploit the weaknesses in today’s wireless network security implementations and make use of the best suggestions to get instant access to any WiFi.

Organizations in our time successfully adopt several policies to reduce wireless network attacks. Some of these policies are changing the default passwords, enabling the authentication mechanism, restricting access to the network, using the strong WEP and WPA-PSK keys, and investing in the firewall software for reducing unauthorized access. You have to understand the ever-increasing challenges involved in the process of hacking the wireless network.  If you spend enough time to become skilled at techniques designed for hacking, then you can enhance your routine efforts for analyzing the top WiFi hacking tools and techniques used and recommended by experts in this sector.


There are loads of suggestions about how to decode the stored wireless network passwords in the Windows computer.  You can make contact with experts in techniques for WiFi password cracking and follow the step by step guidelines to be successful in your way to hack the wireless network. You will get complete assistance and follow recommendations to crack the WiFi password as soon as possible. You will be satisfied with the hassle-free method to hack the wireless network and confident to recommend this method to others.

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