Are you finding the best and cheapest phone of 2020?

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If you want to buy a budget-friendly mobile phone for your requirements, it is better to go for the cheap Android Smartphone. As compared to other mobile operating systems like Apple iOS or Blackberry, Android OS-based smartphones are definitely the cheapest phone options for those looking for budget mobiles. Nowadays, there is an extensive chance of buying a mobile phone in the minimum budget range.

What is the Best Budget Smartphone 2020?

When you are choosing the budget smart phones, they currently offer high-resolution multiple camera setups, high refresh rate displays, hassle-free software, and as well as the good designs. Here is the list of top phones for 200 dollars across the different brands. These lower-priced mobile phones actually provide the best possible value in terms of features, specifications, and also build quality. Some of the cheap smartphone options under this budget include,

  • Samsung Galaxy A01 – Samsung surprisingly offers this wonderful A01 smartphone which is the cheapest one in the A series of Galaxy mobile phones. It provides fast charging with 3000 mAh battery. Thus, this mobile phone will have a battery life of up to 25 hours. Similarly, it has a teardrop camera design in order to take decent photos and videos. 5.7 inch display will be great to have a wide-angle at all.
  • Motorola Moto G Fast – In the entire Motorola brand, this is the best budget phone under 200 It has only 720p screen resolution but great in all other features such as triple rear camera setup, 6.4 inch hole-punch display, and as well as the Snapdragon 665 processor.
  • Samsung Galaxy A11 – When considering the specialized features of this A11 in A series smart phones of Samsung brand, it has totally of 3 cameras such as 13 MP wide-angle camera, 5 MP wide-angle shooter, and also 2 MP depth camera. It also offers 6.4-inch display and a sizable battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh which will provide battery life up to 28 hours. As it contains expandable storage along with these features, it is considered to be the best budget-friendly smart phone of this year 2020. There is an oft-coveted headphone jack available in this smartphone.
  • Motorola Moto E – If you are looking for a smart phone which is affordable, Moto E is the right choice for several users. It is considered to be the cheapest phone as its price is only about 130 dollars. Its features include Snapdragon 632 processor, 6.2-inch display, a sleek design, and a modern dual camera setup.
  • Motorola Moto E6 – This cheap smart phone has been launched in July 2019 but now it is famous among several numbers of users around the world. When you consider Moto E6 for your smartphone purchase, it is widely available at just 100 dollars within your budget. It has a 5.5-inch screen size, a headphone jack, and also 13 MP camera along with a micro USB port for the charging requirements.
  • LG K40 – It is available for the best phones under 200$ android phone which has features such as a fingerprint sensor, 5.7-inch display, and 13 MP camera. This smartphone is highly powered by the octo core processor along with a fast-charging 3000 mAh battery.
  • Pixel 4a – It is truly the best, compact, and also affordable smart phone for all budget mobile buyers. Pixel 4a smart phone is really impressive as it comes with a single rear lens, 128 GB internal storage, 6 GB RAM, and Snapdragon 730G chipset.
  • Moto G7 Play – It has always been the favorite affordable smart phone of several buyers. This mobile phone includes a wonderful set of features such as a water repellent coating, a 5.7-inch display, and a single 13 MP rear camera. It is a mobile phone specially made for selfies with a rear camera which helps you to take a lot of selfies. On the front portion of your mobile phone, you can also find a selfie camera flash in order to brighten up all your memorable photo taking moments.
  • Moto G7 Power – This is one of the best and cheap smart phones having a long-lasting battery for the whole day as it contains a 5000 mAh battery. When considering other features of this mobile, they include a 6.2-inch display, 12 MP camera, and a fingerprint reader.
  • Samsung Galaxy A51 – It is a wonderful mid-ranger and cheapest phone providing dual SIM capabilities, great display, and amazing built-in quality along with the rear cameras. It is also equipped with a microSD card slot and headphone jack. When considering the battery of this mobile, it has a capacity of 4000 mAh capacity for longer battery life. Other features include 128 GB internal storage, 4 GB RAM, Android 10 OS, and 6.5 inches Full HD display.

The cheapest phone options from other top brands:

best cell phone for hearing impaired

  • LG G8 ThinQ – It is another excellent choice of the best cell phone for hearing impaired with Android OS. This smart phone is absolutely the right alternative for those looking for the smart mobile with hearing impaired options.
  • Nokia 7.2 – It is also one of the cheapest smart phones which contains the best combination of eye-catching design, decent specifications, and also a wonderful software experience. This smart phone is part of Android One Family and powered by the Snapdragon 660 chipset. This handset has 4 GB RAM space, fingerprint scanner, 3 cameras at the back, 3500 mAh battery, 6.3 inches full HD display, and a headphone jack. Nokia 7.2 smart phone is upgraded to Android 10 operating system.
  • LG Stylo 6 – This handset is also another good choice of budget smart phone containing a pretty standard design and wonderful specs. It comes with 3 GB RAM, Android 10 OS, 6.8 inches full HD screen, and 64 GB upgraded internal storage. It is powered by a 4000 mAh battery and MediaTek Helio P35 processor. You can have a better 13 MP front-facing shooter and triple rear camera setup in this mobile phone with unique elements.
  • Samsung Galaxy A21 – It is a completely less expensive smart phone with the greatest specifications such as HD + resolution, 6.5 inches large display, 4000 mAh battery, 32 GB expandable storage, Android 10 OS and more.
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – If you are looking for the best flip phone within your budget, this Z Flip is absolutely a nice choice for all. It has a decent UI and cool design with multiple 12 MP rear cameras and 10 MP front cameras. It also includes 6.7 inches HD display which beautifully folds in two to give you a wonderful flip phone experience.

All these brands like Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, and LG are top brands that provide wonderful dual SIM capabilities, the highest RAM speed, fantastic build quality, great display, amazing cameras, and several other options to your devices.

Expert tips to choose cheapest phone:

While buying the right and cheapest phone for your needs, it is highly very important to keep some important factors in your mind. They include,

Smart phone performance – The performance of the smart mobile phone is mainly based on its RAM and processor. It is also known as the SoC and the chipset which is the component highly responsible for the entire functioning of your device. It is the main brain of your smart phone system. Most of the mobile processors are equipped with AI capabilities to make your device as smart as possible today. If you have selected a capable processor, it not only lets your smart phone seamlessly function but it is also capable of improving some other factors such as image processing. When coming to RAM performance, it refers to the system memory which holds the data of the applications which are actively in use right now. It is better to buy a smart phone with the highest RAM space for having a wonderful multitasking experience.

Choice of the operating system – As you are looking for buying cheapest smart phone for all your requirements, it is better to go to Android mobile phones instead of iOS devices. Apple iOS devices are always costly and they are only suitable for the top-end buyers. If you are a budget smart phone buyers, it is always suitable to choose Android smartphones with different specifications and features. Android is also the simple, user-friendly, and most powerful operating system providing wonderful features and advantages to the users.

Preferred user interface (UI) – The buyers have to remember that there are several choices of smart phones come with their own user interface on the top of the Android operating system. If you are looking for clean skin like Oxygen OS, it is better to go for a smart phone from brands like Xiaomi, MIUI, and Samsung. You can go for the Realme and Oppo smart mobile devices for obtaining the ColorOS skin. From both these devices, you can definitely able to enjoy the best kind of user interface experience.

Good display – Your selected smart phone should have the right display size which is expanded and also smart enough to see the different kinds of videos and having a video calls with your loved ones. The display size is ever increasing when it comes to smartphones, and you can find the displays up to 6.9 inches. There are both AMOLED and LCD display types. AMOLED displays have different variants such as Super AMOLED or OLED.

In order to find What is the Best Budget Smartphone 2020? The following are also some other important features to be considered.

More features of cheapest phone:

features of cheapest phone

The right amount of storage – The currently available standard versions of the mobile devices has 64 GB internal storage space when they are low-end modes. If you are looking for the high-end flagship models of smart phones, they are available with 128 GB to 512 GB internal storage. While choosing the cheapest phone for your budget, you should need to consider the phone with enough storage space to store your contacts and other media files.

Battery life – The battery life of the smart phone should need to fit your daily requirements. It is better to choose the smart phone with at least 3000 mAh to 4000 mAh highest capacity. It is essential to choose the golden standard of smart mobile battery life which provides more than 6 hours of screen on time. If you are going for the flagship mobile phones or mid-range phones, they will reach from 8 to 10 hours of screen on time.

Camera quality – The actual price of the smart phone will now be decided only with the camera quality. Now, each and every model of smart phone from any brand comes with multiple cameras in front and rear with the highest MP count, wide-angle shooter, and a portrait lens. Some advanced featured mobile phones contain a few additional camera features such as macro lens, Time of Flight (ToF) sensor, and color filter lens. Today, most buyers prefer choosing a smart phone with wide-angle lens because it helps to take the magnitude of images in a perfect manner.

Some other highly importantly considerable range of features in the cheapest phone include gaming mode, wireless charging, latest Bluetooth version, fingerprint sensor, face unlock, NFC, IP rating, dual SIM cards, reverse wireless charging, stereo speakers, and dual-band Wi-fi. Not all these features can be found in a single phone but most of them are randomly blended in the different models and brands. According to your personal preferences, you can look at the top brands with such high-end features but just within your budget. In the future, 5G smart phones are getting too popular with the widespread 5G integration technology. If you are looking at the online platform, you can find all the above mentioned cheap range of smart phones from different brands.

Are you searching for the latest Huawei phone on online?

Huawei phone

Huawei is one of the most prominent smart phone sellers in the world. The specialty of the Huawei phone is, it will give a perfect combination of features and hardware at an offered cost. Also, the costs of this phone are always being updated in a list. At present, the latest Huawei phone is Nova 8 SE High Edition. This smart phone was actually invented in the month of November 2020. With a huge range of options presently available from this company beneath multiple cost bands, you are only limited by your budget.

Furthermore, this phone comes with a 6.53-inch touch screen display with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 2400 pixels. The special thing about this new phone is driven by an octa-core MediaTek density 800 processor and also it comes with 8 GB of RAM. This new version phone also packs 128GB of internal storage and a 16-megapixel front shooter for taking selfies. Typically, this Huawei model runs on android 10 as well as motorized by 3800 mAh. It usually measures 161.60x 74.80x 7.46 as height x width x thickness and weighs around 178.00 grams.

In addition, the new Huawei phone has features of connectivity choices such as USB Type-C, Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi. The sensors available on this phone are including an ambient light sensor, compass magnetometer, accelerometer, in-display fingerprint sensor, and proximity sensor. This new phone was launched in multiple color choices such as silver moon stars, deep-sea blue, Sakura snow clear sky and magic night black colors. This latest Huawei phone model highly supports trademarked quick charging. Therefore, the Huawei Nova 8 SE is a wonderfully made phone and also become a buyer’s delight choice due to its extraordinary OLED display features complemented by fabulous cameras on both the front and the backside.

Want to know about the cheapest Samsung phone

Samsung brand mobile smart phones are known for their flagship Galaxy Note and Galaxy S families, but OEM offers the smartphone handset at the virtual price by considering every feature of the mobile phone. There are a huge variety of smartphone brands are out in the market where each of the mobile devices follows their own architecture framework in developing and designing the hardware and software of the mobile device. Likewise, the Samsung smartphone has its own unique architecture in designing and developing the mobile device. The Samsung mobile comes in a wide variety of prices starting from the basic model to the latest technology android mobile device. Finding the cheapest Samsung phone is a very easy task where you can Google search on the internet and you will come across a wide variety of Samsung mobile phones available at cheaper prices and matches your expecting features.

List of cheapest Samsung mobile phones in market

The following are some of the best cheapest Samsung phones available in the market where you can purchase these mobile phones both online or offline shops at the same price value. These mobile devices ensure and satisfy all your necessary and required features, moreover, the device also has the updated features and supports to the latest technology.

  • Samsung Galaxy M10s
  • Galaxy A01
  • Galaxy A11
  • Samsung Galaxy A51
  • Galaxy A21
  • Galaxy A31

The Samsung smart phones offer a high quality of functionality, battery capacity, stylish look, storage space and other kinds of necessary features that the user expects to be available in the mobile device. The above cheapest Samsung phone offers you all necessary and advanced applications and usage to the user where the price of the mobile phone is available at an affordable rate in which the quality and functionality of the mobile phone is found to be an excellent one.

Technological advances in mobile industry – Virgin mobile

Virgin mobile is considered as one of the top leading mobile network service providers, where it is considered as one of the world’s best network coverage. If you are looking to buy the latest technology mobile phone and network provider then you can consider the virgin mobile network. If you check on online forums then you can find a lot of positive reviews about the virgin mobile network. The virgin mobile phone offers various mobile products and different kinds of services that meet the user needs and increases the demand of the people. The different kinds of services offered by the virgin mobile phones are MMS, SMS, 3G and other services such as music downloads, international roaming features, games, and information services. If you are looking for a decent network service provider that meets all your needs then the best phones for virgin mobile is found to be the good choice to select.

Best virgin mobile phones in the market

The following are some of the best phones for virgin mobile that are out in the market where these android smartphone devices are capable of satisfying the user’s needs and you can purchase the mobile at an affordable price from USA.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Samsung galaxy A10e
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 refine
  • LG Stylo 5
  • Moto E5 plus
  • Moto G7 play
  • Coolpad Legacy go

These virgin mobile phones are known devices for offering the best 4G coverage even in remote areas. You can find flexible deals provided by the virgin mobile network that includes the pay as you go deals and pay monthly benefits. They also ensure the subscribers with the choice to avail free phone or to get the mobile phone at lower prices for pay monthly plan options. Using virgin mobile phones offers a huge number of benefits and functions to the user.

A detailed view of best selfie camera phone

A camera that is on the top front side of the phone is facing the user is called a front camera or selfie camera. This camera helps the users to capture self-portraits which are also called self-photo or selfies and also used for making video calls in Hangouts, WhatsApp, Skype, and so on. The quality and resolution of the front camera on the phone varies upon the different phone models and now there are many phones that are invented and available in the market especially for the front camera for taking selfies and making video calls.

Features of front cameras on phone

The features and quality of front camera mobiles are improving day by day and now has many special features like dual cameras, portrait modes, AI, and many special beautification features. Now the selfie camera phones have become a great way that is boasted from 0.5MP to 50MP for having detailed selfie images.

If you are buying the best selfie camera phone it is good for you to compare the feature and prices of different selfie camera phones to have a good idea of different phones and you need to buy the best front camera phone at an affordable price in the market.

Advantages of using the front cameras on phone

the best selfie camera phone has many advantages such as you can have a professional touch-up, tutorial or podcast videos, medical selfie, online shopping, shopping assistant, face to face customer service in banking, you can create personalized video messages like thank you notes or birthday wishes for your close ones, you can develop your business through conference calls, you can keep in touch through video calls with your family or friends, different selfies like selfies, couples, and groupies, and so on.

How to choose the best cell phone for seniors?

Modern smart phones are built with improved technology that improves the life’s quality of the people, but for senior citizens using smart phones is very difficult due to lack of education. The research says that only 20% of seniors from the age of 78 – 85 are using mobile phones. As mobile phones have the urge to have a huge potential for satisfying everyone’s need and to improve the quality of life like easy financial management, decreased segregation, autonomous living, healthcare, closer relation with friends and family and so on and this has to make all in a small palm device.

By satisfying all the above needs there is a new introduction called “Senior-friendly phones” in the mobile phone market which have the target as the senior citizens.

Features of Senior friendly mobile phone

The cell phone for seniors is made that suits the specific requirements like health monitoring, personalized design interface, and so on. As you grew old, you will often miss things, but this mobile will always help you assist by remembering your everyday routine and important appointments on a particular day, address with photos and financial information with alarms.

These devices are very easy to operate and have haptic aids that aim to safeguard your devices from damages like breaking and falling as they have a grip that is made of rubber. Also, it has SOS features like sped dial, emergency contacts, and pain buttons and you can also choose the options like a phone with larger keypads and with louder inbuilt speakers if you have any visual or hearing deficiency. Voice command features are also available for easy handling and also internet services are available.

Types of Senior friendly mobile phones

Hearing aids phones, SOS safety devices, and visual aids phones are some of the cell phones for seniors available in the market.

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